Londinium’s garden of earthy delights

The development team at The Liberty of Southwark are working with MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) and LB Southwark on an archaeological dig, ahead of the construction of new buildings. We know from excavations nearby during the 1980s and in 2005 that the site contains fascinating evidence of Southwark’s Roman history, including a ‘Mansio’ — a Roman building where travellers on official business for the Roman Empire would have stopped to rest on long journeys across Roman Britain and beyond.

Archaeologists will be recording evidence from mid-June until the end of 2021. As part of our commitment to share this work as widely as possible, we’ll be working with a group of local residents to create digital updates about the discoveries on site. We want to link what we find to Southwark and London’s wider history, as well as to the lives of local residents and workers today. As the project progresses, you’ll be able to find these updates on the Journal section of this website.


previous discoveries

the liberty site and surrounding area has been the site of many discoveries of historical significance.